i’m so incredibly uncomfortable with my body that it isn’t even funny

i really just wanna fit in my old clothes again, but i just can’t stop myself from eating. and it doesn’t help that i’m on vacation as well. it’s unacceptable how much weight i’ve put on.

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suddenly realizing you’re a furry likeimage

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15 Day KH Editing Challenge: Day 5: Incorporate a gradient in some way

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oops, never mind, turns out the guy just added me to tell me that i apparently took his username, and then gave me a sob story that i took it while he was sleeping or something and that he was saving his RP for it

congratulations bud, welcome to real life 

in league i changed my summoner name to Ansem, and then No XIII added me LOL

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 HD ReMIX

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so i’m starting my new job tomorrow

12 hours of training, woo

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This is not happening.
This can't be happening!
It can't be...

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u don’t know the meaning of gross until hair gets stuck in ur braces 

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